Hip RF

Chronic hip joint pain is a common problem among adults of advanced age.1 Conventional radiofrequency has been reported as a minimally-invasive option for treating chronic hip pain.1-9

Sacroiliac Joint Palisade

Use bipolar RF to create a more complete SI Joint RF lesion zone in less time, using fewer, smaller, and less expensive RF cannulae. Even faster with the G4 generator’s multi-bipolar mode. Disposable kits.


Drez RF Electrodes

Nashold Thermocouple DREZ Electrode is autoclavable and can be used for RF heat lesioning in the dorsal root entry zone for the treatment of pain.  The electrode is lightweight for easy handling and has shouldered insulation that helps prevent the electrode from drifting more than 2mm into the spinal cord.

Trigeminal RF Electrodes

The variable tip exposure and choice of either straight or curved tip geometries, enable the TEW electrode to selectively target the ophthalmic (V1), maxillary (V2), or mandibular (V3) division of the trigeminal nerve.  Invented by Dr. John Tew and Prof. Eric Cosman, Sr, the TEW electrode has been used to successfully treat Trigeminal Neuralgia pain in an outpatient procedure for over 30 years.